Barnet Shenkin

Put Yourself in the Hot Seat by Barnet Shenkin prev

This is an original bridge presentation. It is a collection of independent, interesting, amusing and instructive bridge stories. The scene, usually in International competition, is set. At the critical juncture of the hand the viewer is asked what he would play now? He is then shown what the expert played and how he could have done better. There is usually a way the expert could have found the winning play, bid or lead.

The hands are shown in animated form with the cards being played out. There is also a written analysis given out at live lectures.

Some of the stories involve the following players: Hamman, Zia, Garozzo, Belladonna, Forquet, Omar Sharif, Meckstroth, Rodwell, Ely Culbertson, Theodore Lightner, Rosenberg, Shenkin, Rose, Flint.

There is also Murder at the Bridge Table a true story.

This presentation can be done both as a live lecture or online. Live is on a large screen with powerpoint slides showing the players and then the play of the hands with the card animation.