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Live presentations

Topics on Defense, Declarer, and Opening Leads start with a PowerPoint presentation of the ideas concerned. Then sample hands are shown on a large screen movie style. There is live card animation so that the student can follow the play to the last trick. The next step is to play a few hands where the student can try out the presented ideas. At the end of the class notes are given with both the ideas in an easily understandable format and the actual displayed and played hands.

“Put yourself in the Hot Seat“ is a selection of stories and bridge hands involving famous players. In most of the examples the famous player has gone wrong and the student is invited to find the winning play. In most cases there is a reason to find the winning action and it will be explained. This is also shown movie style with pictures of the players concerned.

Some comments from students

.Live Lecture Program                      

Barnet is working on NEW LIVE online presentations with sound and webcam .

Bridge hands and powerpoint presentations will be displayed. Full details will be posted shortly. Those wishing for more information should contact

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