Barnet Shenkin

So with Valentines day approaching my wife Maggie gave me a lovely gift of a double squeeze. If you would like to check it out you can see it here Very fitting for  the day , one of the finer things in life. Barnet
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Check out two new articles one featuring Maggie Shenkin in a Valentines double squeeze   here One  featuring World Champion Jeff Meckstroth here
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Tip of the week (29 Sep)

"I was able to access and view the recordings successfully. Thank you again for your illuminating ideas. It's been priceless value."

Peter Malan

Billy Eisenberg

Billy Eisenberg When I was just starting to play bridge in the early seventies the Italian Blue team were on the way out and the Aces were on the way in. I envied the lifestyle of Billy Eisenberg and the Aces and carefully monitored their progress. In 1970 I drove with a friend from Glasgow to Stockholm to support the Aces win their first World Championship and it was the first for USA remarkably since 1954. I became friendly with Billy after visiting LA and when we were looking for a place in Boca Raton Florida he suggested we look near where he was living and...
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