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Terence Reese
Terence Reese

Reese was one of Britain’s most famous ever bridge players. A great Champion player and wonderful author he became embroiled in the biggest ever scandal in the history of bridge. At Buenos Aires in 1965 he and his partner Boris Schapiro were accused of signaling in the heart suit to show length. The World Bridge Federation found them guilty and suspended them from play. An enquiry conducted by the Sir John Foster QC and Lord Bourne in London commisioned by the BBL found them not guilty.

Many people were not convinced by the result of the enquiry on both sides of the Atlantic: My late father Louis being one of them. He became acting Chairman and then Chairman of the BBL at that time and was the direct liason with John Foster. On his death I found the original 10 page report as submitted to the BBL (Scandal at Buenos Aires)

Reese had a quick and dry wit. Reese became captain of the British team in Monte Carlo in 1976 at the Olympiad. Michael Rosenberg and I just failed to make the team and were the reserves. My ex wife who knew nothing about Bridge saw him walking and said to him, “Are you Boris?” No he said “who are you ?” “I’m Barnet’s wife”. Quick as a flash he answered “Barnet who?”.