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Today I have gone down the rocky road of squeeze play.

One of the most enjoyable sights for me in bridge is to watch the opponents struggle as they are unable to keep their winners after I cash my tricks in correct order setting up a squeeze. sometimes it is one opponent ,sometimes both opponents. I have today posted a lesson on squeeze technique and an example of a real hand played recently.  You can follow the examples  at tip of the week . Here you will see the same hand played in two different ways.

The lesson is presented in i spring format. Click one arrow to go to the next line and two arrows to go to the next page. To see both hands played out you need to look at both tips listed for June 23. click next on the bridge hands to play out the cards.

For those new to squeeze play or who need their skills refreshed I hope the examples are helpful. One good point is you can replay the hands out card by card so you can understand exactly what unfortunate things are happening to your poor opponents due to your declarer play skills.

If you find this lesson instructive and you are able to understand it without too much difficulty I would appreciate feedback . You can post a comment in the comments section. Many bridge teachers avoid the subject of squeeze play completely in order not to confuse their students. Those of you who know me know that's not my style. I take on the challenge and try where at all possible to improve the student's understanding of each subject.

Hope you are enjoying the summer months .


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Comment posted by István Bozó on 7/21/2010 8:29 AM GMT (5059d 13h 36min ago)
Barnet, the squeeze material is promising, the presentation is elegant. There's a glitch though if I'm right.  The two links supposed to show a simple and a double squeeze have the same content, which means that the mechanics of the simple squeeze aren't really there. Howwvere, I've managed to view the simple squeeze via the link