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After two weeks of bridge the World Bridge series is now concluded. Overall it was a great series for USA. Winners and runners up in the Open teams they also had the winners of  all the pairs events. Special congratulations to the new teams champions Diamond- Platnick , Moss- Gitelman and Hampson-Greco.
A spectacular performance by the winners of the Spingold. Weinstein - Levin continued their great run with a first pairs championship win.

As far as my own championship was concerned it was one of ups and downs. We led our group in the teams beyond all expectations but the lost our first Ko match. My partner, Rich Coren and I played well in the qualifying stage of the imp pairs but less well in the final. What is remarkeable is that after starting playing bridge in International competition in 1972 I find I have still plenty to learn. What do you do when the opponents open at the 6 level? Check out the answer in my tip of the week

If  you like to play grandslams you can try this one from the event . Those of you have not read my article of Canada's sensation at the 1990 World Championships can do so  here.

I hope you like the hands and tips , if so let me know with a comment.

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