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Bill Gates
Bill Gates

A keen bridge enthusiast Bill used to appear at the occasional national and played with his friend Sharon Osberg.

My partner at that time Mark Feldman and I teamed up with them to play in the National Swiss at Reno. While we did not place highly we did make the final day and finish over average.

Most interesting was that we took a few meals with him and were able to listen to his stories at being at University and then dropping out to start work on his new Company. He told us how he would often go to classes he found interesting. Just to listen and learn even if he was not enrolled in these classes. A friendly and down to earth character he started to play bridge at University but had not much time to pursue it considering his lifestyle. Along with Warren Buffett he later donated a large sum of money to help a schools program for teaching bridge. I think that is very important and fully support a teaching program in schools. Only time will tell if he will wish to pursue bridge more aggressively and compete at the highest level with the best teams.