Barnet Shenkin

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Playing in the Cavendish Invitational pairs with the illustrious late and great Irving Rose. You are faced with the following lead problem. It is  a redoubled slam so consequently is worth a bushel of imps and dollars ig you find the winner. The key is that Rodwell's xx showed a second round club control.

Here is what would happen if you foolishly like I led a high club



Needless to say, the operation was not a success from our point of view ,but we did bid and make a thin slam on the next board to get some of the points back. The key was the xx of  6♦ to show one club . Perhaps had I asked about the meaning of this bid I may have come up with the answer but you never know. The lead of the king of clubs was an instant reflex after a long and gruelling auction !!