Barnet Shenkin

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Barnet and Maggie were driving to St. Andrews in July to watch the practice round of the Open Golf Championship. On arriving they were greeted by a well dressed marshall who guided them in to a parking spot. On getting out the car Maggie asked him where they could buy entry tickets. He pointed out and turned to Barnet and said " I know you , you are a bridge player . He continued " In fact you are a very famous Scottish bridge player and you are a long way from home".  " What brings you to St . Andrews" ?  Barnet  who did not know the man was quite taken aback . Bridge at St Andrews was the furthest thing from his mind. Well he said "They wouldn't let me play in the tournament so we will just have to watch".  On the 16th hole the man , his name was Hamish Galloway, appeared with a friend. Pointing Barnet's way we could make out " There he his , that's one of Zia's partners! "

Barnet's aunt Flora is a very keen bridge player. Recently she was playing in a nice tournament in Deauville in the south of France. In the pairs, Flora sat at a table against two men players. They reached a contract of 4♠  which Flora Xd for down 1.This was a great score, a near top .While they were scoring the board , the Declarer turned to Flora and asked her if that was a Scottish  accent. "Yes , she said I come from Glasgow."  " One of my good friends come from Glasgow ,Barnet Shenkin do you know him ?" the man said. Flora proudly replied " He is my nephew and who might you be ? "   " My name is Zia Mahmood " the man said. " Really said Flora , if I had known that earlier I would never have X you !!"