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My first online lecture for club members, and  second for BIL members, took place on Sunday 18thApril. We had up to 90 people in attendance, at the Beginners and Intermediate Lounge on BridgeBase Online , to watch a number of interesting hands on screen. The lecture on “Coaching the Team’ was instructive on showing intermediate players how they could have done better in the match they played.

This week I have updated the website, with a lot of interesting and exciting material. As well as a new “tip of the week”,  the third part in the sensational story Scandal in Buenos Aires is posted. My late father  ,Louis, enters the scene on the part of the British Bridge League. Also new , is part three in one of bridge’s most amazing comeback stories- The Fat Lady Sings. To find these stories go to Entertainment on the home page, then , “Extraordinary Tales” and the story concerned.

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