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Hi all,
         For one of the funniest stories in bridge, click  here  . For me,  the National had its ups and downs. I found a last minute partner for the Blue Ribbon pairs , Rhoda Habert from Montreal After starting  the final in 76th place with no carry over, we climbed to a final position of 16th, which was quite respectable.We had an enjoyable game together. Here is an interesting hand from this event. Click 

 I also had the opportunity to play with my old friend and partner , Victor Silverstone originally from Glasgow, in the final one day Swiss and we won 6 of our seven matches to finish 5th with Adam Wildavsky and Doug Doub.

Harry Potter just opened in Universal and I think I met him at my table here   See what you think and let me know .

One of my old favorite hands was written up at the same time as Orlando in the London times by Andrew Robson.    here

There is still time for students to sign up for my live lectures starting in January at various country clubs.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year and plenty of good results !


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